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Cheap Hosting

As the information technology sector grows incessantly, modern hosting services are introduced to render web page development and management easier than ever. A web hosting plan with the smallest hard disk space and traffic quotas used to cost 10’s of dollars per month, but at the moment, some companies offer unlimited plans for only a fraction of this price, enabling persons and small-size firms to assume their place in the Internet world.


As its name implies, website hosting is a service, which involves hosting online content. There are different forms and kinds of hosting, depending on the aims and on the usage. In spite of that, they all entail hosting files, which, once hosted, are made accessible through the World Wide Web. A web host is actually a server that is linked to the Internet and has its own Internet Protocol address, which enables users to have access to it via the World Wide Web. The web server's configuration and its limitations are subject to the type of hosting service it's going to be utilized for.

Reseller Hosting

What is the client base of the reseller web site hosting solution distributors?It includes designers or website design companies dealing mainly with web design services. Small-scale Internet Service Providers, prominent Search Engine Optimization developers and various Internet entrepreneurs are also part of the web hosting reseller arena.

Web Hosting Service

A hosting service pertains to stockpiling and/or sharing specific content on a web server hosted by a web page hosting company. There are various sorts of hosting service utilized for various purposes, so let's have a look at them. In this way, you can choose what you need, based on whether you'd like to run a web portal, email mailbox accounts, or to share files with mates and associates.

VPS Hosting

To meet the demand for inexpensive, but reliable hosting services, companies launched an intermediate website hosting platform - the VPS hosting server. This is a virtual emulation of a web server that behaves exactly like a dedicated servers hosting and is much more powerful than any shared web site hosting account. At the same time, as many accounts are set up on the same physical web server and each client pays for their account, the price for a VPS server web hosting account is much lower than the price for a dedicated server. A basic VPS plan is a bit more high-priced than the most advanced shared web hosting package, but its resources exceed by far those of the shared website hosting plan.

Semi-Dedicated Hosting

Being more expensive services to finance, the semi-dedicated delivered by NTC Hosting are located in the UnitedStates datacenter facility only. Being well-furnished, the semi-dedicated accounts feature free of charge hosted domain support and (b) a full-featured, easy-to-use web page hosting CP. This great combination is not offered by any other competing wholesaler.